About Me

Hello, so glad you stopped by! I’m Rachel- a Southern mama seeking a more balanced way of life.

We recently purchased our home on a 2 acre piece of land that I hope to turn into the homestead I’ve always wanted. I’ve had a smaller homestead in the past, but ended up having to leave due to the oil field.

A bit about me! I have three babies ages 9, 7, and 23 months.


All three of the munchkins. ❤


Myself with the older two, babies grow so fast!

Why “The Unruly Fern”?

Well one, my middle name is Fern. I hated the name my entire youth but embrace it as an adult. Unruly because I may not be your run of the mill homesteader. I’ve had some rough spots in my life and learned some hard lessons young. I wouldn’t trade one bit of it though because it’s made the person I am today, and helped me be a better mother.

Because I want my family to start benefiting from the land as soon as we can, I figured I’d document the process. I hope to see ya’ll around!


(One last one.. because SO CUTE)