How to start a Homestead from Scratch

I miss having a home…a REAL home, my home. We’ve been moving so much these last few years, I haven’t been able to do anything too permanent.

I missed my old homestead. So when I was finally able to buy again this last year, I searched specifically for a piece of land large enough. It’s still a smaller space considering some, at roughly 2 acres, but that’s plenty for us.


I love our new property…but it’s just a house on a piece of land right now. My budget is very small so I will be reusing/repurposing in any way possible.

It will be a lot of work to get everything built and set up. If you’re at this point as well, or maybe just want to take steps towards a more efficient homestead- I got you.

My overall goal is to produce more than we consume. We are moved in, we are settled. Because we are creeping up on spring and I don’t want to miss out on it’s bounty, it’s time to get to work.

To start the steps towards our goal, I’ve comprised a list of tasks I hope to accomplish over the next few months. These, to me, are a good start to a producing homestead.
They aren’t necessarily in order, as several of them will be going on at the same time.




The one thing I cannot wait for, is to have chickens again. I love the consistent schedule, the fresh eggs, hilarious entertainment, and of course- baby chicks!


Two, in fact. One in the chicken coop, and one for any materials the chickens cannot have. I have a makeshift one at the moment using chicken wire and stakes, its already quite full. I’ll be happy to get a more permanent one.


The seeds are ordered and the raised beds are built! The one thing I did already, because I had leftover wood from a past project. Since we are in January, I hope to start the seeds inside within the next month. I’ll be building a makeshift grow shelf for seeds too, stay tuned!


Yes, the chicken get their own garden (spoiled buggers). I love giving the chickens fresh treats to keep them healthy and happy. Chicken feed can also get expensive – instead of delving into our own bounty, I will have a small garden growing their favorite flowers and vegetables.

It may SEEM like a lot, but it really only adds a small amount of work with the other garden….and the pay off is worth it.


I know, ANOTHER compost. I had one last year and ended up dumping the fat little worms in the landscape garden when we moved here. We were still traveling a lot at that time and it was better to just release them. I definitely want that black gold for my garden again!


We have well water here, and only one faucet that’s attached to it. Currently, I’ve been seen dragging a 4 piece hose around the property to water plants…and it’s already getting old. When we start getting livestock, a rain barrel will be a lifesaver.

That’s it! That’s all I need to get started!

Ehhh….does seem a lot for one season, doesn’t it?

The coop is definitely the largest task, as I will be building it on my own. Luckily, I do have most of the tools and enough skill to get by. I feel once I get that one checked off the list, everything else will follow suit.

I will also be sharing some of my favorite recipes, children’s lunches, and any other small projects going on around here. I’m an avid list lover, DIY’er, and need to organize quite a bit in the new home. It will be nice to have a place to jot everything down, and hope meet like-minded souls!

What’s your goals this spring? I’d love to see what everyone wants to get done!